About Firefly

Firefly CS was purchased by me in February 2013 as an unbroke 2 year old with only a modest understanding of how to lead, tie, etc.  My dream has always been to start a horse from scratch and go up through the levels of some discipline (which, who knows … who cares!). Firefly brought this dream to life.  As of Octover 2018, Firefly is schooling 1st level dressage (with some 2nd thrown in) and novice in eventing.

We live in the SF Bay Area in California are lucky enough to have a beautiful boarding facility to live and ride at – including trail access directly to open space.  Join us on this journey – let’s see where this road leads!


May 2016


photo 1

Several years ago (maybe late 2013?), there was a thing going around Facebook where you post a given number of facts about your horse/other animal so here are mine about Firefly.  🙂  I got the number 12 from a friend whose post I had inadvertently “liked”.

1) I could not tell you want it was about that little gangly 2 year old that cold February day but, something inside said, “You have to take this little thing home. You’ll never be whole without him.” So I did.

2) He was advertised as a “16h 3 year old” – when I met him, he was a long 2 year old and about 14.2h …

3) Firefly barely knew how to lunge … Even though the gal I bought him from said he knew more. She threw the lunge line over his nose and chased him out. We worked for a week or so on him learning how to lunge like a gentleman.

4) He is SO destructive … It’s like having a teenager. He loves to play with traffic cones (current count is at 3 in his stall) and detergent bottles (if you have any empties, he’d love them!). His most recent thing is destroying his stall. Hoping the bittering agent helps him quit …

5) He will check your pockets if you let him, in the hopes that you have cookies.

6) Every time I eat something nearby him, he’s always begging. I’ve offered him potato chips and he promptly spit it back out again.

7) He loves to have the underside of his neck scratched. Every time I’m there, he will push on me to get me to scratch his neck.

8) I’m 95% positive he knows what a camera is. He always gives me the best expressions when I pull out the phone to take photos of him.

9) I’m very impressed by how far he’s come in 9 months. Who would have known we would be able to show within 8 months of bringing him home (since we started from pretty much nothing)!?

10) He loves to GO. When I turn him loose in the arena, he will run and run and run around until he’s done.

11) He has learned how to undo his boots. One day, we were standing chatting with friends and he started to get impatient. He reached down and pulled the Velcro off. Boom. Off came a bell boot. Little snot.

12) He is the best thing that’s happened to me since I met my husband and I’m so glad we found each other.

December 2013

photo 2

March 2013

April 2013

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