What’s in a name?

“Gosh, Michelle.  Your blog name is so clever!  How did you come up with it!?” you may be wondering to yourself.  (Ok, so maybe you aren’t but the thought is bound to cross your mind at some point … maybe … so I figured I would explain).

He came with the name “Firefly” (on his registration and everything) and I had contemplated changing his name.  I just didn’t think it *fit* him.  It didn’t feel right.  It wasn’t catchy or punchy and only mildly reflected on his parents’ names (Ohadi Indian Fire x Miss Cuch a Lou).  My mom thinks it’s bad juju to change an animal’s name so, naturally, when I told her of my plan, she was against.  “But it’s my horse, not yours.  I’ll do what I darn well please!”, I said to her.  So I went through a few options in my head of what I might call this leggy 2 year old.  The most notable one was ‘Flynn’ but Tangled had just come out and that’s what everyone thought of when I mentioned that I was tossing it around.  So I crossed that one off.  I wanted it to still be a name that began with F so tried a few more and none worked.  So I waited until he arrived before I tossed it around some more … but after I saw him again, I changed my mind and kept it, deciding I’d call him “Bug” for short (a firefly is a bug – it’s clever, really!).   I also love the TV show and decided we could run with that thought.  So when I went to sign up for a blog (tumblr at the time *shudders*), there were a lot of ‘firefly’ related names that were taken – owing mostly to the TV show.  I tried “flyfirefly” and “fireflyaway” and a myriad of others before I stopped and thought about it more deeply.  Thinking along the theme of “fire”, I thought “well, what does fire need to start?  A spark!”  and Spark a Firefly was born!

2 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

    • I love the TV show too – I think that’s what the inspiration for his name was from his original owner/breeder. It didn’t really fit him then but it definitely works now! Thanks for following us!

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